For over a decade we have implemented communication and collaboration processes that enable businesses to thrive. In the digital age, remote work has unlocked business benefits that were previously impossible.

Research indicates that most employees would trade up to 50% of their salary for the ability to work from home. Remote work benefits your company and your people. It’s the rare win-win business solution that elevates the entire organization.

Why Remote Work?

As executives and business leaders ourselves, we’ve benefited from the transformative force of remote-enabled work. Our businesses are more agile, collaborative, and productive thanks to the collaboration methods and processes that are required for successful remote work.

It took many years of testing tools, techniques, and teams to refine our action plans. We built Remote Theory to share the value of the lessons we’ve learned along the from remote enablement. 

New benefits of remote work are continually being discovered as it solidifies its role as the new standard across industries. Data indicate that almost every remote-enabled company benefits from: Reduced overhead costs, Easier access to global talent, Lower hiring costs and overall employee costs, Higher employee engagement, more resilient organizations.

Business continuity isn’t just something you need to be prepared for when the unexpected happens. Remote enablement positions your company to thrive when others fail.

As business leaders ourselves, we know how difficult new tools and processes can be to implement. We built this company to help you get the benefits of remote work without the pitfalls.

Michael Bamberger
Managing partner

Experienced CEO and technology consultant. Over 15 years experience building and leading remote-first teams.

Peter Rigopoulos

Senior technology leader with 10 years experience managing globally distributed data and engineering operations.

Mike Ross

Engineering executive with 20+ years experience building and leading globally distributed remote teams.

Casie Mattrisch

Executive team leader with 10+ years experience of project management and operations.