CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Our guide to preparing for COVID-19 disruptions.

[UPDATED MAR 14 @ 2:28PM]
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The last few weeks has been unprecedented. As business leaders, this new disruption and has become our overwhelming priority.

In consulting with our clients, we have found some patterns to emerge that we want to share that may help you as you address this situation in your business.

Step 1: Slow down
It’s easy to panic and make rash decisions. You and your business can survive this if you make the time to consider your options.

Step 2: Think of the people, not the business first
Who on your team is being disrupted by this? What is their role? How are they currently collaborating with their teammates? Think about how work gets done.

Step 3: Make a plan
Design 3 plans:
1) Immediate plan – What can we do within 24-72 hours to create clarity and certainty?

2) 30-day plan – You’re weathering the storm but need to prepare for longer term disruption and being as productive as before. New tools? New processes? New reporting relationships? Give yourself a month to figure this out.

3) Longer-term plan – Once you have the 30-day plan implemented, then you should start thinking about the longer-term. We believe that most businesses will permanently change how they operate as a result of this disruption. If yours is among them, you’ll want to arrive at your new normal as soon as possible.

What should my plan include?

Remote work is a function of two elements:

  1. Communication
  2. Collaboration

To work remotely, your team needs to know where and how they communicate and collaborate.

Synchronous vs. Asynchronous

The worst sin you can make at a time like this is to demand employees work the same hours they always did in your office. Working from home is a massive disruption!

You need systems in place to share work and know what everyone is getting done. This is a big cultural shift for most organizations.

These are the broad concepts you need to consider. Every company varies in its objectives and requirements.

If you are interested in a customized action plan based on your current business, please take our free online assessment.