Stop! Don’t buy another tool to solve your remote collaboration problems.

When searching for remote work solutions online, potential customers are pointed typically in the direction of video and text chat tools.

Don’t get me wrong — you cannot work be effective remote work company without software tools. But a tool alone never solves a problem.

Before purchasing a tool to enable remote work, you need to ask the following questions:

  1. How does my team communicate now?
  2. How does my team collaborate now?
  3. How do we track work?
  4. Do we know who is responsible for what?
  5. Do we have names for projects or objectives?
  6. Are decision making responsibilities clear?
  7. Do we have a way of working ‘asynchronously’ now?
  8. How good is our team at using technology in general?

These questions serve a starting place to make sure you think strategically when it comes to implementing a tool. In our experience, the majority of companies need new processes far more than new tools.

Tools, used correctly, solve problems. But unless you prepare for success, you could just be causing confusion.

If you’re interested in enabling remote work capabilities in your organization, take our free online assessment to create a custom action plan for your business.

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