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For over a decade, leading organizations have trusted our team to design and implement remote working capabilities that get results.

From startups to Fortune 500s, we can help you effectively implement remote work into your organization. We not only help you avoid business disruptions, but we can help you improve collaboration to get your team on the same page like never before.

Great support and service

Your team made this whole process as easy as possible. Thankfully we were able to get quality tools and processes in place without interrupting business as usual. 

– Josh W., CEO, Occom

Knowledgeable & trustworthy

I was stunned by what we accomplished in 30 days. We needed to enable remote work, and Remote Theory helped us every step of the way. 

– Glenn C., CEO, Blockworks

Reliable partner on short notice

We needed to enable remote work on short notice (Coronavirus in Seattle…). We were able to shift our processes with minimal business disruption in about a week. Your guidance and training enabled the impossible.

– Jenn R., VP of Human Resources, HUB Agencies

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Purchasing a new collaboration tool isn’t a solution to your remote work needs; it can be the beginning of major business disruptions.

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We provide guidance for budgets of all sizes, so whether you’re purchasing software from scratch or want to use your existing tools, we can help.

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Turn you remote workforce into a competitive advantage

If you’re like many business leaders, expected disruptions to office life are forcing you to consider your remote enablement options. This can be a daunting process. Indeed, if remote work is thrown into the mix of most companies, business will be disrupted and teams will be less effective.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Properly implemented, remote work can actually become a competitive advantage. In helping companies over the past decade, our team has learned that properly implemented remote capabilities create more productive teams, happier employees, and ultimately better customer outcomes.


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How does it work?

Our 5-step implementation plan is a reliable method that guarantees results.


Step 1: Assessment and Audit

We’ll interview you and your team to understand the current state of your business. From there, we define objectives and answer key questions, including what members of your workforce are suited for remote work and whether your current productivity software is sufficient. We’ll also work with your team to understand your processes and work management systems.

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Step 2: Strategy & Plan

Working with your team, we will put together an implementation strategy that includes software, processes, and performance tracking. This will become the roadmap for implementation and employee onboarding. We’ll work closely with you and your team to align objectives and define parameters for tracking success.

Step 3: Software Configuration

Whether using your existing software or implementing a new toolkit, we’ll configure and administer your systems to ensure seamless transition. We customize installations to fit your existing workflows to minimize disruption as much as possible.

Step 4: Employee Onboarding

Custom training materials will be distributed to your team. We will provide live video training and support to facilitate a smooth transition. 

Step 5: TRACKING & Training

Remote enablement is a process of evolution. For maximum results, ongoing learning and improvement is required. We’ll help you measure clear impacts of your remote work strategy by tracking key performance metrics.

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